Aeration and Bubble Curtains protect and restore your waterway

The clear blue-green waterways of the Florida Keys are what attracts so many of us to the Keys. Many homes are located on canals which are used for boat access, swimming, and fishing. However, the water quality of these canals have significantly decreased over the years with the loading of seaweed and other nutrients ultimately consuming the dissolved oxygen in these canals.

There are approximately 500 canals throughout the Florida Keys and 350 of them have been deemed impaired. Canals were originally dredged with a shallow canal mouth and a deep harbor. Over time floating weeds entered these canals and sank to the deeper areas. Due to the shallow entrance these weeds are trapped and cannot flush out during the tidal changes. As weeds collect at the bottom, the canal water changes from blue to brown, oxygen levels are depleted sometimes causing horrific odors, and loss of marine life.

The residents of Monroe County trust that our twelve years of aeration experience and recent air bubble curtain installations throughout the area are the best option for water quality restoration.

Florida Keys Aeration has the tools to stop floating weeds entering these canals and marinas and to restore oxygen levels to acceptable levels for a robust marine ecosystem. We understand the delicate balance that needs to be maintained to support healthy waterways in this area of the country that hosts numerous water containment’s.

Florida Keys Aeration – Services We Offer


Choosing the correct product can be challenging. We schedule time for an on-site visit, listen to your needs, answer any questions you may have and assist in choosing the best solution.


Don’t guess what products to buy, let our experts design the right system for your specific needs. We offer a wide range of high quality Vertex products designed to enhance the health and beauty of your waterway.


Many of our clients choose to install aeration systems themselves. Our team at Florida Keys Aeration can explain the installation process and answer any questions you may have or send a team to do it for you.


We provide preventative maintenance as an ongoing contract or as needed. We service and repair all major brands of air curtain and aeration equipment throughout the Florida Keys.